The ‘Rat Pack’ Recordings

The ‘Rat Pack’ legend was forged in February 1960 during the filming of Ocean’s 11 in Las Vegas. After filming during the day, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop performed a nightclub act at the Sands Hotel each evening in an extravaganza they referred to as ‘The Summit’. Click here for more about Sammy and the ‘Rat Pack’.

While various members of the circle would occasionally team up for movies in subsequent years, it was Sinatra, Martin and Davis’s regular performances on stage together through the early 1960s that would cement these three in showbiz consciousness. See below for notable releases of ‘Rat Pack’ material.

August 1962 – Atlantic City

Recording made at the 500 Club in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Only made available as a souvenir from the Sinatrama Room at the Latimer Café in Philadelphia.

Latimer LP 1962 Souvenir From Sinatrama Room – Collector’s Item
25th August 1962

October 1962 – Reprise Records

Two duets were recorded in-studio for release on a Reprise 45rpm single, one between Frank and Sammy, and one between Dean and Sammy. These two songs became part of the trio’s live repertoire. The single peaked at #46 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Me And My Shadow 45 1962 Me And My Shadow / Sam’s Song
22nd October 1962

November 1962 – Chicago

Recording made at the Villa Venice nightclub in Chicago, Illinois. Reprise Records recorded material from around 15 shows across 7 days, but never released an LP from the material. There have been several releases, most mixing content from different nights.

Jazz Hour At The Villa Venice CD 1993 At Villa Venice, Chicago (Vols. 1 and 2)
26th November 1962
The Summit In Concert CD 1999 The Summit: In Concert
Edited performances from 26th Nov to 2nd Dec
Live And Swingin The Ultimate Rat Pack Collection CD DVD 2003 Live And Swingin’ – The Ultimate Rat Pack Collection
Edited performances from 26th Nov to 2nd Dec

September 1963 – Las Vegas

Back where it all started, at the Copa Room of The Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Reprise Records again recorded material which wasn’t released. Bootleg copies of different nights’ material exist.

Rat Pack Live At The Sands 2001 The Rat Pack: Live At The Sands
7th September 1963
Ratpack From Vegas To St Louis CD 2001 Ratpack: From Vegas To St. Louis
Partially from 6th September 1963

June 1965 – St. Louis

Held at the Kiel Opera House in St. Louis, Missouri, this was a live benefit telecast to support Dismas House of St. Louis, a halfway house for ex-convicts. The footage, thought to be lost, was uncovered in 1997 and officially released in 2003. Emceed by Johnny Carson.

Ratpack From Vegas To St Louis CD 2001 Ratpack: From Vegas To St. Louis
20th June 1965 (audio CD only)
Live And Swingin The Ultimate Rat Pack Collection CD DVD 2003 Live And Swinging’ – The Ultimate Rat Pack Collection
20th June 1965 (DVD video)

March 1988 – Minneapolis

Frank, Dean and Sammy did six shows together as part of their ‘Together Again’ tour, at which point Dean dropped out. Frank and Sammy continued as a pair for a further 12 shows. This recording is from the Metro Center Arena in Bloomington, Minnesota.

North Country Concert 1988 CD 1990 Sinatra And Sammy: North Country Concert
22nd March 1988

Official Compilations

There are a million ‘Rat Pack’ compilation albums in existence. Most are poor quality and utilise easily licensable material rather than try to present an accurate picture of Sinatra, Martin and Davis’s recordings of the time. The following are official releases and hence contain music actually recorded around the time the trio were regularly collaborating with each other.

Eee O Eleven CD 2001 Eee-O Eleven: The Best Of The Rat Pack
Christmas With Rat Pack CD 2002 Christmas With The Rat Pack
Ratpack Boys Night Out CD 2004 The Rat Pack: Boys’ Night Out
The Very Best Of The Rat Pack CD 2011 The Very Best Of The Rat Pack