Other Album Appearances

See below for a listing of albums on which Sammy Davis, Jr. was not the sole artist but contributed original recordings from 1957 to 1988. For a page simply listing all albums (including original releases and compilations) with their track listings, please click here (LPs) or here (CDs).
pepe 1960 “Pepe”
Original Soundtrack Album
RMRT2 1963 Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre
Finian’s Rainbow / Guys And Dolls / Kiss Me Kate / South Pacific
Have-Yourself-A-Merry-Little-Christmas 1963 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Of-Love-And-Desire 1963 “Of Love And Desire”
Original Soundtrack Album
The-Billion-Millionaires-A 1963 Three Billion Millionaires
Johnny-Cool 1964 “Johnny Cool”
Original Motion Picture Score
Three-Penny-Opera 1964 “Three Penny Opera”
Original Soundtrack Album
Robin-and-7-Hoods 1964 “Robin And The 7 Hoods”
Original Motion Picture Score
Great-Songs-Of-Christmas 1965 The Great Songs Of Christmas #5
A-Man-Called-Adam 1966 “A Man Called Adam”
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Alice In Wonderland Promo LP 1966 “Alice In Wonderland”
From The Television Special
Salt-And-Pepper 1968 “Salt And Pepper”
Original Motion Picture Score
Sweet-Charity 1969 “Sweet Charity”
Original Soundtrack Album
1973 “Save The Children”
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
happy-birthday-usa 1976 Happy Birthday U.S.A.
American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976
Heidi's-Song 1982 “Heidi’s Song”
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
the-men-in-my-life 1988 The Men In My Life
with Lena Horne