Notable Compilation Albums

Below are listed notable LP and CD compilations that have been released between 1965 and 2016, primarily focussing on LPs released in the US, and noteworthy CD releases. CD reissues of albums have not been included unless they also contain numerous additional tracks. For a page simply listing all albums (including original releases and compilations) with their track listings, please click here (LPs) or here (CDs).

LP Compilations

the-many-faces-of 1965 The Many Faces Of Sammy Davis, Jr.
mr-showbusiness 1965 Mr. Showbusiness
the-best-of-sammy-davis-jr 1966 The Best Of Sammy Davis, Jr.
impressions 1967 Impressions
greatest-hits 1968 Sammy Davis, Jr.’s Greatest Hits
entertainer-no-1 1968 Entertainer No. 1
the-great 1969 The Great Sammy Davis, Jr.
let-there-be-love 1970 Let There Be Love
the-most-beautiful-songs-of 1972 The Most Beautiful Songs Of Sammy Davis, Jr.
Its-A-Musical-World 1973 It’s A Musical World
Get With It Suntory White Promo LP 1974 Get With It – Suntory White Promo
sounds-of-sammy 1975 The Sounds Of Sammy
1976 Sammy
Special Collector’s Edition
at-his-dynamite-greatest 1977 Hey There! It’s Sammy Davis, Jr. At His Dynamite Greatest
star-gold 1977 Star Gold: Sammy Davis, Jr.
sound-of-sammy 1978 The Sound Of Sammy
Alka Seltzer Promo

CD Compilations

Best 20 Songs CD 1986 Best 20 Songs
greatest-hits-vol-1 1988 Greatest Hits (Vol. 1)
greatest-hits-vol-2 1990 Greatest Hits (Vol. 2)
collectors-series 1990 Capitol Collector’s Series
the-decca-years 1990 The Decca Years
greatest-songs 1990 Greatest Songs
mike-curb-congregation 1991 Best Of Sammy Davis, Jr. and The Mike Curb Congregation
the-best-of-sammy-davis 1993 The Best Of Sammy Davis Jnr.
the-wham-of-sam 1994 The Wham Of Sam
that-old-black-magic 1995 That Old Black Magic
greatest-hits-live 1995 Greatest Hits, Live
ive-gotta-be-me 1996 I’ve Gotta Be Me: The Best Of Sammy Davis, Jr. On Reprise
mr-bojangles 1999 Mr. Bojangles
the-sammy-davis-story-2 1999 The Sammy Davis, Jr. Story
(4 CD Box Set)
sammy-and-friends 2000 Sammy & Friends
heres 2001 Here’s… Sammy Davis, Jr.
candy-man-swings 2002 The Candy Man Swings
millenium-collection 2002 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection
lounge-legends 2002 Lounge Legends
my-name-is 2004 My Name Is Sammy Davis Jnr
where-is-love 2005 Where Is Love?
the-best-of-original-reprise 2005 The Best Of Sammy Davis, Jr.
essential 2005 Essential
The Ultimate SDJr Collection CD 2005 The Ultimate Sammy Davis, Jr. Collection
the-reprise-years 2006 The Reprise Years
the-definitive-collection 2006 The Definitive Collection
classic-album-collection 2007 Classic Album Collection
the-capitol-years 2008 The Capitol Years
sammys-swinginest-sides 2009 Sammy’s Swinginest Sides
the-song-and-dance-man 2011 The Song And Dance Man: Hits Of The ’50s And More..
absolutely-essential 2016 The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection
ive-gotta-be-me-the-very-best 2016 I’ve Gotta Be Me: The Very Best of Sammy Davis Jr.
2017 Sammy Davis, Jr. Sings & Swings with The Marty Patch Dek-Tette & Orchestra
The 1961 62 Marty Paich Sessions 2017 The 1961-62 Marty Paich Sessions