TV Specials as Host

This page lists television specials for which Sammy Davis, Jr. was the host or co-host.

Network Date Title
CBC (Can) 9 July, 1959 Parade (premiere episode)
ABC (UK) 11 June, 1960 Sammy Davis, Jr. Meets The British
BBC (UK) 5 May, 1963 Meet Sammy Davis, Jr.
BBC (UK) 15 March, 1964 Meet Sammy Davis, Jr. 2
ABC 18 February, 1965 The Swinging World Of Sammy Davis, Jr.
ABC 25 November, 1965 Sammy Davis, Jr. And The Wonderful World Of Children
ABC 1 February, 1966 Sammy And His Friends
With Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, Joey Heatherton, Edie Adams
BBC (UK) 30 September, 1967 Sammy Davis, Jr. At The Talk Of The Town (Part I)
BBC (UK) 1 October, 1967 Sammy Davis, Jr. At The Talk Of The Town (Part 2)
ARD (Ger) 23 September, 1972 Spectaculum 72
ORTF (Fra) 25 September, 1972 Une Soirée de Gala à l’Olympia
NBC 16 November, 1973 Sammy!
HBO March, 1977 An Evening With Sammy Davis, Jr.
From Acapulco
GTV9 (Aust) 13 November, 1979 Sammy Davis, Jr. In Concert
Introduction by Don Lane
ITV (UK) 21 September, 1980 Sammy & Bruce
With Bruce Forsyth
HBO 27 September, 1980 Sammy – The Golden Years
ARD (Ger) 5 August, 1985 Sammy Davis, Jr. In Paris
ZDF (Ger) 30 December, 1985 Sammy Davis, Jr. Live In Germany
PBS 23 July, 1988 Evening At The Pops
With John Williams And The Boston Pops
HBO 5 November, 1988 An Evening With Sammy Davis, Jr. And Jerry Lewis
With Jerry Lewis
Home Video 15 November, 1988 Sammy & Cos: Two Friends
With Bill Cosby
Showtime 20 May, 1989 Frank, Liza & Sammy: The Ultimate Event
With Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli
ABC 4 February, 1990 Sammy Davis, Jr.: 60th Anniversary Celebration