At the launch of this site in January 2017, the plan was to slowly create individual pages for each of Sammy’s LPs (Decca, Reprise, MGM, etc), his films, Broadway shows, books, and major TV involvements. The site launched with only the page for Sammy’s first album, Starring Sammy Davis, Jr. completed. In September 2017, Sammy’s 15 Decca albums were completed. Since then pages have been completed for all Sammy’s musicals and the TV series he hosted.

In October 2018, work began on the remainder of Sammy’s original album releases, from his first release on Reprise, The Wham Of Sam in 1961, to his final LP Closest Of Friends on Applause in 1982. After 18 months work, pages are now complete for 40 additional albums incorporating his entire output on Reprise, Motown, MGM, 20th Century, RCA, and Warner/Curb. There are now 55 album review pages in total.

For each album there is a rating, details about the album that put the recordings in context, and release notes tracking any re-issues of the album on CD and digital download. In addition, the ‘Top Two Tracks’ of the album are highlighted, plus two ‘Deep Cuts’ – two further recordings of interest on the album (click on the + to see the ‘Deep Cuts’ content).

You can view the album reviews from the Original Albums page. Work now begins on Sammy’s film and television involvements.

Beyond that, the blog will continue to provide a place to put tidbits on his career, highlight clips from YouTube, focus on specific recordings, and all kinds of other randomness.

For additions, suggestions, corrections, or comments, please feel free to contact me using the form on the About page. New Content
Sammy Davis, Jr. albums on Reprise, Motown, MGM, 20th Century, RCA and Warner/Curb