A new Sammy Davis, Jr. compilation was released in October by Jackpot Records, a 2 CD set focussing on Sammy’s early recordings on Reprise with arranger Marty Paich. Titled The 1961-62 Marty Paich Sessions, it is available on Amazon and other online retailers. What makes this release noteworthy is its approach to the ordering of the tracks, and its inclusion of four titles that had not previously appeared on CD.

Thanks to the expiry of copyright in the EU after 50 years, Sammy’s recordings for Reprise Records are now fair game for any and all labels to package up. Of course, such recordings are unlikely to be licensed by the Sammy Davis, Jr. estate and have no access to the original masters.

This collection is almost identical in theme to a CD release from earlier in the year on Fresh Sound Records, which also focussed on Sammy and Marty Paich. However, where that collection bundled 23 specific selections (prioritising the collaborations that were more jazz than pop), this release contains every recording made by Sammy and Paich between February 1961 and November 1962 – 33 in total.

By including 17 ‘bonus tracks’ of material arranged by other arrangers, the collection is able to claim it has the entire output of four of Sammy Davis, Jr.’s first six Reprise LPs: The Wham Of Sam, Sammy Davis, Jr. Belts The Best Of Broadway, What Kind Of Fool Am I, and As Long As She Needs Me.

The track ordering might seem a mystery given that the songs are not arranged into their constituent LPs, but it is clearly deliberate: the 33 Davis-Paich songs are ordered chronologically by recording date. This provides a new way to enjoy one of Sammy’s most fruitful partnerships.

The audio appears similar to that which has been previously released on CD. There are 4 tracks new to CD which are clearly vinyl transfers: “Here’s a Kiss For Christmas”, “One More Time (Ray Charles Tribute)”, “The Fool I Used To Be” and “Everybody Calls Me Joe”, and each understandably suffers from variable sound. One wonders if the masters for these still exist in the bowels of a Warner Bros. vault somewhere…

Overall this is a nicely produced collection (although the clamshell case is a bit rickety) with a 20-page booklet included featuring pictures, 8 pages of original liner notes, reproductions of the original liner notes of two of the four albums which had them, plus full session information.

The 1961-62 Marty Paich Sessions

Artist: Sammy Davis, Jr.
Format: CD    Label: Jackpot Records
Cat. Num.:
48776    Rel. Year: 2017


Track Time Record Date Song
02:49 7/2/1961 Let There Be Love
02:47 7/2/1961 Bye Bye Blackbird
04:14 7/2/1961 Blame It On My Youth
02:53 7/2/1961 Can’t We Be Friends?
02:59 7/2/1961 Thou Swell
02:48 7/2/1961 Soon
02:30 19/6/1961 Step Out Of That Dream
02:22 6/7/1961 Gonna Build A Mountain
03:21 6/7/1961 What Kind Of Fool Am I
03:11 6/7/1961 That’s For Me
02:44 18/7/1961 A Lot Of Livin’ To Do
02:42 18/7/1961 That Great Come-And-Get-It Day
03:00 18/7/1961 Make Someone Happy
03:01 18/7/1961 Two Ladies In De Shade Of De Banana Tree
02:09 19/7/1961 Guys And Dolls
02:49 19/7/1961 Something’s Coming
02:37 19/7/1961 There Is Nothin’ Like A Dame
04:17 19/7/1961 The Party’s Over
03:21 26/7/1961 Climb Ev’ry Mountain
03:56 26/7/1961 If I Loved You
03:19 26/7/1961 We Kiss In A Shadow
04:24 26/7/1961 Lost In The Stars
03:01 15/1/1962 Too Close For Comfort
03:31 15/1/1962 My Romance
04:28 15/1/1962 Begin The Beguine
02:26 15/1/1962 Falling In Love With Love
02:23 26/6/1962 Someone Nice Like You
02:09 26/6/1962 Once In A Lifetime
03:04 14/11/1962 As Long As She Needs Me
02:57 14/11/1962 Song from “Two For The See-Saw” (A Second Chance)
02:37 14/11/1962 Come On Strong
02:57 14/11/1962 A Man With A Dream
02:55 19/11/1962 Here’s A Kiss For Christmas
02:49 6/2/1961 Back In Your Own Back Yard
03:45 6/2/1961 Lush Life
03:09 6/2/1961 I’m Gonna Live Till I Die
03:29 6/2/1961 I’m A Fool To Want You
02:35 6/2/1961 (Love Is) The Tender Trap
03:19 6/2/1961 Out Of This World
02:15 19/6/1961 There Was A Tavern In The Town
02:32 19/6/1961 If You Are But A Dream
02:07 19/6/1961 One More Time (A Tribute to Ray Charles)
03:08 6/7/1961 You Can’t Love ‘Em All
02:12 6/7/1961 ‘Deed I Do
02:48 26/6/1962 The Fool I Used To Be
02:09 26/6/1962 Everybody Calls Me Joe
02:18 22/6/1962 Bee-Bom
01:58 22/6/1962 I Married An Angel
03:25 22/6/1962 Falling In Love Again
03:37 22/6/1962 Without A Song
The 1961 62 Marty Paich Sessions
The 1961 62 Marty Paich Sessions
Sammy with Marty Paich